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Brown Law Group is interested in speaking to lawyers who may be interested in joining the firm or collaborating with us in some fashion.  We are open to discussing various cost-share models and arrangements.  Our spacious, windowed, and comfortable office has all the systems and services in place to make the practice of Family Law as efficient and as administratively worry-free as it can be.  If you share our values and dedication to excellence, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Tracy Brown in confidence at

Articling Students

Brown Law Group usually hires one Articling Student each year. We look for dedication to excellence, a passion for advocacy and personalized client-service, self-motivation, and the willingness to work hard as a fully engaged and dependable member of our team.

Our Students are provided opportunities to be involved in all aspects of Family and Divorce files including but not limited to: client intake, legal research, drafting memorandums, drafting pleadings, liaising with parenting or accounting experts, participation in negotiation meetings, judicial dispute resolution meetings, questionings, hearings, and trials. In Family and Divorce law there is considerable administrative work associated with file management such as gathering and indexing financial documentation. It goes without saying that our Students are responsible for many aspects of file documentation. With demonstrated capacity and initiative, Students will have carriage of files or parts of files.

In addition to an excellent learning opportunity, we offer remuneration, parking, and health benefits.

If you are interested in completing your Articles with our firm and require further information, contact Tracy Brown directly. Applications should be submitted by email and addressed to Tracy Brown at