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At Brown Law Group, we understand that the division of a family is an emotional and unsettling experience for all involved. That’s why we work diligently to guide our clients through the divorce process in an informative and supportive way, overseeing the legal aspects of your case while guarding your best interests and advocating for the welfare of any family members who may be affected.

Whether you are just filing a statement of claim for a divorce, or you need help negotiating a child custody agreement, our Edmonton family lawyers can provide the knowledge and representation you require.


As experienced Edmonton family lawyers, our primary goal is to protect the people who are involved in a dissolving marriage, fighting to reduce the amount of pain, suffering, and unpredictability as much as possible. 

In a nutshell? We want our clients to move forward with their lives under the best possible circumstances.

After your initial consultation (where we dive into the details of your specific case) your attorney will make all legal options available to you, so you can make an informed decision about which course of action you’d like to take.

If an amicable settlement cannot be reached, our attorneys are highly skilled and trained in Alberta family law, and will stand beside you as your case goes to trial. With our meticulous attention to detail, strong aptness for negotiating, and exceptional knack for defending the legal rights of our clients, we guarantee that you will receive compassionate and proficient representation when you choose to hire our team.


If you are confident that you will be moving forward with your divorce and that the possibility of reconciliation is non-existent, you will need to file a Statement of Claim for Divorce and Division of Matrimonial Property.

Of course, once you have hired one of our family lawyers in Edmonton, they will assist you with filing this form and ensuring it is completed correctly.

But when preparing for your divorce proceedings, it never hurts to be proactive. By gathering and listing your combined and separate property assets, debts, and supporting documentation, you make the process of moving forward with your case much easier.

Additionally, it is always recommended that you prepare a detailed report of your income, expenses, and any recent pay stubs, which your lawyer will require as they move forward with representing you.

Remember, the more information your Edmonton divorce attorney has, the quicker and more accurately they will be able to assess your legal options and guide you towards an ideal outcome.


One of the most common concerns we hear from our clients is how their divorce will impact their children, and how to best protect their children’s mental health, well-being, and future needs.

It’s a given that the dissolvement of a marriage causes a lot of upset, and has the potential to turn even the most amicable of families against one another.

During the divorce process, all parties are exposed to tense and uneasy conditions. Thus, it’s imperative that parents trust the recommendations of their family lawyer.

At Brown Law Group, we encourage all of our clients to take the following precautions:

  • Do not try to persuade your child(ren) to agree with one parent over the other
  • Do not expose your child(ren) to any hostility or anger you may feel toward their other parent
  • Do remind your child(ren) that both of their parents love them and will continue to so
  • Do reassure your child(ren) that the divorce is in no way their fault, and is not a result of anything they have done wrong
  • Do remember that it’s normal for your child(ren) to struggle with difficult emotions during this time and encourage them to communicate their feelings often
  • Do look into therapy programs and other resources for your child(ren) if you feel that additional support would benefit them

And remember, our team of dedicated divorce lawyers in Edmonton are here to support you. If you need assistance finding additional supports and resources for your child(ren), we can help. We are always happy to connect our clients with local programs and organizations to ensure you receive all the support you need.


Before making the decision to contact one of our family lawyers in Edmonton, it’s important to be absolutely certain that this is the right course of action for you.

Many married individuals threaten divorce for the wrong reasons, including:

  • Hoping the threat of divorce will force their partner to change specific behaviors they are no longer happy with
  • Thinking that a divorce will end their frustrations or anger
  • Thinking a divorce is an easy solution to marriage problems
  • Wanting a specific outcome for themselves, without considering the ramifications for their children or others who will be impacted
  • Feeling intense frustration or anger, and making a rash decision in the heat of the moment

It’s crucial that couples understand that in order for a divorce to be successful, both parties must be willing to disconnect their lives completely— legally, functionally, and emotionally.

If you still have feelings of anger or resentment towards your partner, want to be taken seriously by your partner, or are hoping your partner will experience a change of heart, you are likely not ready to divorce.

Remember, divorce does nothing except end a marriage. Only proceed with your divorce if you are ready to live your life separately while respecting the rights of all parties involved and resolving any points of contention that no longer serve you.