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We work hard to keep costs managable


The Hourly Fee

Typically, Family & Divorce Lawyers charge by the hour. The range in Edmonton is approx. $200 to $600.  Our fees range from $150 to $400 per hour. Students-at-law are billed out at a lower rate, as are paralegal services. In some cases, we may provide select services on a “limited scope” retainer, which means we will assist with a specific legal step or task, and not take on your entire matter.

The Retainer

Before taking on a case, we require what is called a “retainer,” or an amount of money to be held in our trust account as a payment in advance for services to be provided. The specific retainer in your case depends on the nature of your matter, the urgency and whether or not there are immediate legal steps to be taken. You should expect an initial retainer of $3,000 to $5,000.

Family & Divorce Lawyers require legal fees to be paid in advance. After providing legal services and rendering a detailed statement of account we then are able to withdraw funds from the retainer held in the trust account. Once the funds held in trust are depleted you will be required to “top up” or replenish the retainer before further legal work is carried out on your behalf.

The Cost of Legal Proceedings

Legal fees can be financially daunting, but we work together with our clients to attempt to keep costs manageable. Often we have to pace the legal work over a number of months instead of intensively all at once is to keep the legal bills manageable

Important factors to keep legal costs down include:

  • Efficiently gather and exchange all the requested financial documentation
  • Focus on settlement
  • Be prepared to reasonably compromise

We know this is easier said than done when you are experiencing the turmoil of family breakdown, but the alternative could be both emotionally and financially devastating.

Brown Law Group is pleased to offer the option of Limited Scope Retainers in appropriate cases. Limited Scope Retainers help to make legal services more affordable for individuals who may not otherwise be in a position to hire a lawyer to handle their entire Family Law matter. Under a Limited Scope Retainer, you hire a lawyer to help you with a specific task, such as preparing an affidavit, preparing a settlement offer, or writing a legal argument. Limited Scope Retainers are appropriate in some, but not all matters. To inquire about whether a Limited Scope Retainer is appropriate for you, please contact our office to book a consultation.